Only One – Coming Friday February 7th

Game is done, approved by Apple, ready to go and apart from a few small bug fixes that are queued for the next build, everything is complete!

It’s been a long journey, getting this thing out and the past few months were all about  balancing, bug fixing and adding a few nice features like gamepad support for Android (still waiting on Corona to add it to iOS in the SDK), earthquakes and the ability to rebuild your character .

Here is the final Trailer


The thing that gets you most after you’ve been working on a game for so  long is it becomes harder to enjoy playing it and at the same time harder to work on.  It really took a lot of discipline to muster the endless hours of playing the game over and over again and constantly taking notes on how to improve, balance and polish it up.  I don’t think I can ever be 100% happy, there’s always a new idea I want to put in, or a value I want to tweak, but at some point you have to stop and just put it out there and see how people respond.  If this game does well, I will definitely look forward to keep working on it!