City City Prototype II

City City, a lot like Sim City and little like Tetris, strategically build a city without running out of space

Play City City here

webGL build

After being unhappy with the first prototype I decided to give it another shot and add more depth and progression to City City.  There is now building progressing where you have to maximize the levels of lower level buildings to get access to higher level ones. There is a map progression, starting off with a tiny map and leading on to bigger ones.  I added currency that is earned from building and upgrading which you use on abilities and civic buildings. There’s even a tutorial system brought to you by a mischievous dog to help you learn to play.  The plan is to test this out and see what happens.  If I go on, there will be more terrain features (rivers, swamps, hills, ponds), more buildings, possibly roads, pedestrians, cars and maybe, just maybe I’d take the game 3D with a voxel style.  So many possibilities, but without fundamental game mechanics which are actually fun nothing else really matters.  Please leave me some feedback if you loved or hated it.