Buzz Attack Beta first video (Blitz Mode)

This year has been a huge learning process, doing a game in corona SDK for iOS/Android on my own,  coding in lua, making graphics using photoshop, recording/tweaking audio with audacity, putting everything together and now recording said game and posting it to youtube. And here it is, a short clip of my game Buzz Attack in blitz mode (survive as long as you can in swarm of flies)

The arms are rag doll physics objects, which is why they move funny, that is not going to change even though ppl keep telling me the arms aren’t realistic.

This was done in screenflow using the corna sdk simulator.  Tried it with quicktime, but it was too slow. Make sure to set the video to 720p! Will keep on experimenting!  Hoping to release the game end of summer!


[youtube width=”560″ height=”325″][/youtube]