Almost …. there….

So I’m almost done, almost!!! Spent the past week working with my friend Jon on this new wicked trailer for BuzzAttack. Been fixing bugs, going crazy with game release anxiety and just trying to figure out how am I supposed to sell this thing. Free + 99 cents. Make a trailer, make a shoddy website, spam my friends on facebook and getting ready to spam game sites. ┬áMan whatever happened to build it and they will come, can’t it just sell itself?

Anyway we recorded the clips with Elgato game Capture HD (my only gripe was couldn’t do it at 60 FPS), built it in Adobe premiere and we just used the game music to fill in the rest. Certain features were added just to make it look cool for the trailer, the green glow for bug repellent, energy halo for hyper juice and the chomp and thud for when Gus our hero dies at the end (guess I spoiled the ending)