Target practice with the blue fly

The blue fly in Buzz Attack is a very unique enemy, he has no direct attacks and is useless on his own, but give him some cannon fodder flies around him and he will use them as ammunition and fling them at you.  The projectiles are very hard to block, but it is possible and you can […]

Buzz Attack barebones website up

So in the past few days I’ve finished up Beta3, revamped the main title screen added support for twitter and 20+ achievements and threw together a new video and posted it on        

Buzz Attack Normal Gameplay video and cast of flies!

Introducing the cast of flies Green – expendable front line fly Yellow – fast and cowardly, will attack you occasionally and run away Red – aggressive, will eat other flies (green preferably) to grow bigger (gains more health and does more damage) Purple – the mother fly, lays green fly eggs Blue – spitter fly […]

Buzz Attack Beta first video (Blitz Mode)

This year has been a huge learning process, doing a game in corona SDK for iOS/Android on my own,  coding in lua, making graphics using photoshop, recording/tweaking audio with audacity, putting everything together and now recording said game and posting it to youtube. And here it is, a short clip of my game Buzz Attack […]

Corona SDK – random things I’ve learned

I’ve been using Corona SDK since October 2011 for experimenting and developing for mobile devices(primarily iOS) and it has re-kindled my love for software development.  Finally I have something that removes the burden of developing a game engine with sprites, sound, physics, collision detection and allows me to get my ideas onto the screen in […]

More Game Screenshots

A big burst of screenshots from my game, there is more information in the picture captions. I know it seems like  a jumble of random pictures right now, but I will go more in depth into the game and the technology (Corona SDK) shortly I just started using NextGen gallery plugin for wordpress and realized […]

My new iOS game, first screenshots!

A screen shot for my next iOS game!  The object of the game is to move around and swat flies that are spawning from the trash before they bite you to death.  The arm’s are rag doll physics objects!  

WordPress up

So I finally got WordPress up and running.  The purpose of this site is to show off and promote my work.   A few things I learned about setting up  WordPress make your wp-config.php permissions private 600 add a .htaccess file to your root folder don’t forget to edit the .htaccess so it actually points to your […]