Buzz Attack Normal Gameplay video and cast of flies!

Introducing the cast of flies Green – expendable front line fly Yellow – fast and cowardly, will attack you occasionally and run away Red – aggressive, will eat other flies (green preferably) to grow bigger (gains more health and does more damage) Purple – the mother fly, lays green fly eggs Blue – spitter fly […]

Buzz Attack Beta first video (Blitz Mode)

This year has been a huge learning process, doing a game in corona SDK for iOS/Android on my own, ¬†coding in lua, making graphics using photoshop, recording/tweaking audio with audacity, putting everything together and now recording said game and posting it to youtube. And here it is, a short clip of my game Buzz Attack […]

Corona SDK – random things I’ve learned

I’ve been using Corona SDK since October 2011 for experimenting and developing for mobile devices(primarily iOS) and it has re-kindled my love for software development. ¬†Finally I have something that removes the burden of developing a game engine with sprites, sound, physics, collision detection and allows me to get my ideas onto the screen in […]