Shoot And Cover Project Prototype

Currently working on a new shoot and cover game, incorporating a one stick joystick with a stop to shoot mechanic that’s popular on mobile.  The focus has been on gameplay first and trying to implement a fun game with a solid foundation I can build upon. Basic AI behaviours AI will shoot at your last … Read more

How to use Unity’s live recompile

When you’re running your project in Unity and you edit and save your source code, the default behaviour of Unity is to stop, recompile and continue playing the project. Most of the time it throws a whole bunch of errors, fails and you simply restart the project and keep playing. Most people turn this feature … Read more


Vortexika is a game I put out as a hyper casual endless runner with a lot of polish where you avoid asteroids and enemy fire.  It features enemies that dodge the same obstacles you do and when they get hit they can crash into the obstacle rings.  I put explosive crates that explode the rest … Read more

City City Prototype II

City City, a lot like Sim City and little like Tetris, strategically build a city without running out of space Play City City here webGL build   After being unhappy with the first prototype I decided to give it another shot and add more depth and progression to City City.  There is now building progressing where … Read more

City City – prototype

After 4 years maintaining and supporting Only One, I switched engines, learned Unity, wasted some time working on a failed prototype game about dogs with rocket launchers and then spent a whole bunch of time working on a city building game where you only build one thing at time and have to reach population goals to … Read more

Only One is out!

Only One is out, and despite being a huge relief that it had finally released, I’m now back in crunch, fixing bugs and adding features trying to prevent that inevitable slide to obscurity that most apps face. Since Feb 7th downloads are over 30k, with now at least half of it now coming from (of … Read more

Only One – Coming Friday February 7th

Game is done, approved by Apple, ready to go and apart from a few small bug fixes that are queued for the next build, everything is complete! It’s been a long journey, getting this thing out and the past few months were all about  balancing, bug fixing and adding a few nice features like gamepad … Read more

Only One Beta Trailer Awakens

So after spending a second day figuring out Final Cut Pro I managed to concoct a pretty neat trailer for my game. And here it is: [youtube][/youtube] I wanted a quick way to show off the combat, enemies and special abilities in just over a minute and avoid doing the more ponderous gameplay videos I’ve … Read more

Introducing the Wizard

A lot of work has been done on Only Once since I last showed it  off. New background, clouds, abilities, enemies and tons of improvements One of the new enemies is the Wizard. The wizard is a an enemy in Only One that shoots fireballs and warps (blinks) away from combat when you get to close. … Read more

Only One Alpha

So after 1 month of work I finally got something I’d like to show off, there is a possibility this thing could come out soon or I could work on it and flesh it out more. We’ll just have to wait and see. Only One is game where you kill enemies and throw them off … Read more